My life is good right now

C. from Wisconsin says her life (job, love, etc) is good right now. She just wants to know if it will continue.

The Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche was selected for this reading. It’s a modern deck with some delightful themes that look early 20th-century.

The first card I drew for this three-card reading is The Sun. It shows a child with the sun and a mountain in the background, flanked by plants. This is a good card, it talks about happiness and good energies. Everyone looks to the sun for the source of life and warmth. Even the moon is nothing without the sun’s light. The child represents newness and freshness, youth.

This represents her past, so it’s saying that her past has been good and full of light. It could be referring to C’s children, or her own youth.

The second card I’ve drawn for C. in Wisconsin is the Three of Pentacles. This card shows three men working with masonry. This card is about teamwork, collaboration, the importance of working together. It’s about asking someone for help in accomplishing your goals. This card is saying that C’s relationship with her coworkers is important in her job. She should make sure she doesn’t sacrifice those relationships, and not to try to do things on her own too much.

Planning and management are very important to success with the Three. As you can see from the picture, the masons may be building a church or cathedral, a task that requires a lot of cooperation by many people. This card could be talking about spirituality as much as it could be about work. It’s saying you can get the assistance of others in progressing in your internal pursuits.

Geeks are well acquainted with the Three. We cooperate or work with others all the time. Even when we work in an isolated environment, geeks use tools made by others, or sometimes we contact people remotely to work with us.

C’s final card is her future. For this one I’ve drawn The Lovers. Losche’s version of this classic card has a couple kissing. A yin-yang symbol is over them, and a pair of lovebirds snuggle on a branch.

This card tells us that C’s romantic situation will continue, and in fact will deepen in its nature. It’s no secret that The Lovers is considered a good card in the Tarot. But since C has already indicated happiness in this area, since the card appears I believe that means extra emphasis is in order.

Normally I do three-card readings as a simple past-present-future reading. But taken together: The Sun; The Three of Pentacles; The Lovers. I can’t help but think that it represents a relationship that may be someone she knows from work, or met through work, possibly someone who has children.

Anyway, I hope today’s 11/11/11 reading has been entertaining for all, and helpful for C. from Wisconsin.