Happy Halloween! The Devil

Cosmic Tarot: The DevilFor our first Halloween post, the Dork looks at The Devil, again from the Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche. In this deck, there are people enslaved, chained to a devil-like form with prison walls and a watchtower in the background.

Many people associate this card with the actual devil, but historically the symbolism on the card is more associated with Dionysus or Pan, gods of excess, pleasure and abandon. As such, the Devil card can represent addiction, or a person of power.

From a geek point of view, I can’t help but think of video games. Does this card tell us it’s ok to give in to our base desires to kill our Halo enemies? Or are we being told that we spend too much time trying to get that last WoW achievement?

Personally, I look at this card and see a powerful person who has sway over us. Maybe to you it’s your boss, a coworker, or an investor. Maybe a family member. So, if this card is drawn for your reading, try to visualize the chains in your life and try to break them. Or at the very least, try not to let the Devil in your life keep you from personal happiness.