William Blake – Ten of Painting

William Blake: Ten of PaintingThe William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination by Ed Buryn and Mary Greer is a very unusual deck. Instead of the regular suits of wands, pentacles or cups, Buryn has used Blake’s concept of arts in eternity, painting, science, music and poetry. Today I’ve randomly drawn the Ten of Painting.

This is such an unusual deck it has its own interpretation book, which I can’t lay my hands on at the moment so bear with me. In a conventional deck, the card is probably similar in meaning to the 10 of Pentacles or 10 of Cups, or possibly the 3 of Cups.

As you can see from the image, the 10 of Painting says “Delight” at the top. It displays what are apparently gods and angels towering over the population of a seaside town, who are in celebration. A pyramid is in the background.

This card talks about good fortune, success. The festival on the cards is honoring the gods, so they are probably celebrating a bountiful harvest.

Life is a celebration of its own.

For the geek in us, this could represent a promotion or successful project. A deadline was met with good results. It’s time to sit back and celebrate. Don’t hesitate to pat yourself on the back, we all deserve to congratulate ourselves once in a while.┬áMaybe you don’t give thanks to a higher power like the people on this card, but it’s ok to be thankful for a success.

But just remember, work doesn’t end with the successful harvest. The fields need to be tended, replanted. So it is for the geek as well. There will always be another project around the corner. For every project, whether it was successful or not, we take a learning experience away from it. Perhaps in your recent project you learned a new programming language. Or maybe you were exposed to new associates you may have the opportunity to work with in the future.

Regardless, if the 10 of Painting is in your reading, you should relax knowing that success is around the corner for you. Life is a celebration of its own. Don’t let a setback get you down. Things will turn around and you’ll be celebrating a success before you know it.