Will my month go smoothly?

C. from California writes “Will my month go smoothly or chaotically and horribly?”

For this reading we’re using Kay Steventon’s Spiral Tarot. I’m doing a three card reading today. I like three card readings because it’s simple. You don’t have to worry about this card meaning this or that, or on a Tuesday if it’s a full moon. Anyway, this three card reading is a simple past – present – future reading.

My first card drawn is the Ten of Swords. The Ten represents chaos. The card shows a man in agony with ten swords thrust through his bleeding wounds. This card shows C’s past, chaotic and out of control. Under attack from many sides.

For a geek, this chaos could present itself in the form of computer problems, or simply issues relating to incomplete projects or associates that conflict. Of course like anyone else, this chaos could be domestic, such as family issues or money troubles.

The second card I’ve drawn, representing C’s present, is the Two of Cups. Steventon has a couple toasting each other, with the yin-yang symbol in the background. This card is about duality, about someone supporting someone else emotionally.

This card is talking about a relationship C has, and that this relationship will help her get through the chaos in her life. It may not necessarily be a lover, it could be representing a friend or family member. As you might expect, the two of cups is a good card to get in a reading.

Even geeks have relationships, so this is always a good card to get in a reading. It represents balance, support, assistance from loved ones. How can it go wrong?

Our third card drawn for C. is the Nine of Wands. The Spiral Tarot’s version has a man in a top hat and suit protecting nine staffs, sprouting leaves.

The nine speaks of perseverance, success, determination. The man in the nine is determined to protect the wands he is charged with.

This card says that with caution and stamina, C. will persevere through the chaos in her life. She shouldn’t let things overwhelm her. The wands (as seen held by the man on the card) can be used for support, but don’t let them be a crutch.

In summary, you have a chaotic life, C., but with the help of loved ones in your life you will get through the coming month. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. With a little determination, you’ll find that before you know it the month will be over.

Spiral Tarot – Five of Wands

The Five of Wands in the Spiral Tarot depicts five men with staffs who are apparently fighting. Fives in general, in the Tarot, are often considered negative cards. Some readers interpret this card as discord or conflict. But wherever there is conflict, there is a coming together or meeting of minds. A resolution.

Maybe in your organization there was a project where there were conflicting ideas. This card indicates an agreement or resolution, although if it is drawn in reverse it could infer a negative result.

Man, when I started this blog I didn’t think about how hard it would be to think of things to say about the Tarot. I read other people’s blogs and see what people say about cards. There’s this one guy who write the Inappropriate Tarot. He writes somewhat harsh interpretations that are occasionally funny. Then there’s amazing sites like Aeclectic Tarot that presents such amazing reviews and articles. I can only hope to make a site as awesome as some of the other Tarot sites out there.

Where there is a conflict, there is a resolution.

Now back to our Five. It’s right after the Four of Wands, which is about new beginnings. So if looked at that way, we can perceive a progression from beginning to a resolution, which makes sense. From a geek point of view, this progression is Smeagol from the Lord of the Rings books. He essentially begins and ends the basic plot. It is he who steals the ring, only to lose it to Bilbo. Then at the end of the last book, Smeagol steals it once again from Frodo, only to fall to his death, destroying the ring.

If the Five of Wands is drawn for your reading, don’t automatically think negative things as is often attributed to Five cards. Remember, where there is a conflict, there is a resolution. That is what the Five is reminding us.

Spiral Tarot – The Lovers

I really like the imagery on the Spiral Tarot, by Kay Steventon. This deck is chock-full of symbolism in beautiful paintings of mythological themes. Today I’ve randomly drawn The Lovers from the deck. As you can see to the right, Steventon’s version depicts King Arthur and his Guinevere in a lush garden, with an angel in the background.

The traditional meaning of this card is pretty obvious. It talks about love, relationships, harmony. It’s generally considered a good card in readings. Reversal of this card can mean discord in personal relationships.

This particular deck, with its lush paintings of mythological scenes, is very appropriate for the geek in us. It makes us think of the fantasy books, comics, movies and games we’re so fond of. Perhaps it speaks to you of a renaissance fair or convention where you met someone.

I want to remind us all that we need to look to our lovers for support

But the Lovers, as a card, is not necessarily about lovers, per se. It can be about close friends, too. If you draw the Lovers in your reading, it can refer to your coworker, an across-the-hall neighbor, or the date you have this Friday. But as Arthur had competition from Lancelot, there’s the chance your Guinevere has a secret love. Approach this card with caution.

Geeks can be an antisocial group. We isolate ourselves with our hobbies, whether they are computers, science, engineering or writing. So today I want to remind us all that we need to look to our lovers for support, to expand our point of view from the narrowness of our field of choice. If you’re a programmer, look up from your screen of code and truly look at the person you’re with. If you’re a music geek, put down your instrument and make a little music with your loved one. The Lovers card is all about unity and opening ourselves to another. Don’t let that slip away.

Happy 11-1-11 day!

Wow! It’s 11-1-11 day! An auspicious date for sure, if you’re into numbers. As such, I have decided today’s post will be about how I first started in this field (which I am posting at 1:11AM).

About ten years ago, one of my sisters was visiting. Despite the fact that we’re both adults, as my closest sibling she and I have had somewhat of a rivalry through the years. Anyway, just before she left she took my Nintendo Gameboy Color and hid it as a prank.

At the time I was really into IRC chat rooms. So I figured, well, I think there’s psychic chat rooms on here, so I went looking for such an IRC chat. I found one, and asked if anyone was good at finding objects. Everyone there was nice and friendly, and attempted to help. I must confess, no one there was really all that helpful in finding the gameboy, but it did turn up later.

Get on a path of discovery through any means,
it doesn’t have to be written in stone…

But because the folks in that room were so nice, I returned to talk some more. One of the people who did readings and taught convinced me to purchase my first Tarot deck, which I did with a book as well. It was a simple Rider-Waite deck. I started to do some readings in the room, and I must confess I referenced the book an awful lot. Despite that, people said positive things about my readings and were very encouraging.

To tell you the truth, Rider-Waite never really spoke to me. I have a crappy memory and the cards don’t seem to say anything to me symbol-wise. So I sought another deck. My second purchase was the William Blake Tarot, by Ed Buryn. I liked the idea that the William Blake deck has more writing on the cards to remind you what they are about. The only thing about that deck was eventually I felt that the deck was sort of dark and gothic in nature, and it had weird suits like the nine of poetry or the six of science. I might bring it out for a card or two on the site someday.

So then I went in search of a deck that was more traditional like Rider-Waite, but at the same time spoke to me more. I visited all the review sites and looked at pictures, posted on the forums asking for opinions. Finally I settled on the Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche. I like the vintage look of the cards, which remind me of the 1920s.

Then a funny thing happened. I had already ordered my new deck when I received an email from a perfect stranger who happened to be a member of one of the Tarot forums I had posted on. She said she had just purchased the Spiral Tarot by Kay Steventon and said it didn’t speak to her. She was wondering if I would like to have it, as a gift from her. Not wanting to turn down an offer of a free deck, I naturally accepted. So here I was not with one new deck, but two.

As it turned out, I liked the gift deck quite a bit. I can’t say if I like it more than the Cosmic deck, let’s just say I like them equally, for different reasons. I think I like the story behind how I got it more than anything else.

Later, I purchased some deck bags online for my four decks (you can find them on Etsy these days). At my teacher’s encouragement I abandoned my book and did Tarot readings in the chat room without referencing. Eventually, I even tried my hand at reading without the cards at all, and people even said I was even better without the cards.

Well, that’s how I started my small collection of decks. Like many geek stories, my path involved computers. It just goes to show that you can get on a path of discovery through any means, it doesn’t have to be written in stone (or silicon, for that matter). I feel this was a fitting story to begin the month of November, 11-1-11, a date that won’t recur for another century.