Will my month go smoothly?

C. from California writes “Will my month go smoothly or chaotically and horribly?”

For this reading we’re using Kay Steventon’s Spiral Tarot. I’m doing a three card reading today. I like three card readings because it’s simple. You don’t have to worry about this card meaning this or that, or on a Tuesday if it’s a full moon. Anyway, this three card reading is a simple past – present – future reading.

My first card drawn is the Ten of Swords. The Ten represents chaos. The card shows a man in agony with ten swords thrust through his bleeding wounds. This card shows C’s past, chaotic and out of control. Under attack from many sides.

For a geek, this chaos could present itself in the form of computer problems, or simply issues relating to incomplete projects or associates that conflict. Of course like anyone else, this chaos could be domestic, such as family issues or money troubles.

The second card I’ve drawn, representing C’s present, is the Two of Cups. Steventon has a couple toasting each other, with the yin-yang symbol in the background. This card is about duality, about someone supporting someone else emotionally.

This card is talking about a relationship C has, and that this relationship will help her get through the chaos in her life. It may not necessarily be a lover, it could be representing a friend or family member. As you might expect, the two of cups is a good card to get in a reading.

Even geeks have relationships, so this is always a good card to get in a reading. It represents balance, support, assistance from loved ones. How can it go wrong?

Our third card drawn for C. is the Nine of Wands. The Spiral Tarot’s version has a man in a top hat and suit protecting nine staffs, sprouting leaves.

The nine speaks of perseverance, success, determination. The man in the nine is determined to protect the wands he is charged with.

This card says that with caution and stamina, C. will persevere through the chaos in her life. She shouldn’t let things overwhelm her. The wands (as seen held by the man on the card) can be used for support, but don’t let them be a crutch.

In summary, you have a chaotic life, C., but with the help of loved ones in your life you will get through the coming month. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. With a little determination, you’ll find that before you know it the month will be over.