Happy 11-1-11 day!

Wow! It’s 11-1-11 day! An auspicious date for sure, if you’re into numbers. As such, I have decided today’s post will be about how I first started in this field (which I am posting at 1:11AM).

About ten years ago, one of my sisters was visiting. Despite the fact that we’re both adults, as my closest sibling she and I have had somewhat of a rivalry through the years. Anyway, just before she left she took my Nintendo Gameboy Color and hid it as a prank.

At the time I was really into IRC chat rooms. So I figured, well, I think there’s psychic chat rooms on here, so I went looking for such an IRC chat. I found one, and asked if anyone was good at finding objects. Everyone there was nice and friendly, and attempted to help. I must confess, no one there was really all that helpful in finding the gameboy, but it did turn up later.

Get on a path of discovery through any means,
it doesn’t have to be written in stone…

But because the folks in that room were so nice, I returned to talk some more. One of the people who did readings and taught convinced me to purchase my first Tarot deck, which I did with a book as well. It was a simple Rider-Waite deck. I started to do some readings in the room, and I must confess I referenced the book an awful lot. Despite that, people said positive things about my readings and were very encouraging.

To tell you the truth, Rider-Waite never really spoke to me. I have a crappy memory and the cards don’t seem to say anything to me symbol-wise. So I sought another deck. My second purchase was the William Blake Tarot, by Ed Buryn. I liked the idea that the William Blake deck has more writing on the cards to remind you what they are about. The only thing about that deck was eventually I felt that the deck was sort of dark and gothic in nature, and it had weird suits like the nine of poetry or the six of science. I might bring it out for a card or two on the site someday.

So then I went in search of a deck that was more traditional like Rider-Waite, but at the same time spoke to me more. I visited all the review sites and looked at pictures, posted on the forums asking for opinions. Finally I settled on the Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche. I like the vintage look of the cards, which remind me of the 1920s.

Then a funny thing happened. I had already ordered my new deck when I received an email from a perfect stranger who happened to be a member of one of the Tarot forums I had posted on. She said she had just purchased the Spiral Tarot by Kay Steventon and said it didn’t speak to her. She was wondering if I would like to have it, as a gift from her. Not wanting to turn down an offer of a free deck, I naturally accepted. So here I was not with one new deck, but two.

As it turned out, I liked the gift deck quite a bit. I can’t say if I like it more than the Cosmic deck, let’s just say I like them equally, for different reasons. I think I like the story behind how I got it more than anything else.

Later, I purchased some deck bags online for my four decks (you can find them on Etsy these days). At my teacher’s encouragement I abandoned my book and did Tarot readings in the chat room without referencing. Eventually, I even tried my hand at reading without the cards at all, and people even said I was even better without the cards.

Well, that’s how I started my small collection of decks. Like many geek stories, my path involved computers. It just goes to show that you can get on a path of discovery through any means, it doesn’t have to be written in stone (or silicon, for that matter). I feel this was a fitting story to begin the month of November, 11-1-11, a date that won’t recur for another century.