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I came up with a brilliant idea today to write an ebook about Tarot. I think my own take will work well. Anyway, I know it seems a little premature since it’s not done or anything, but I’ve read that you should start marketing your idea as soon as you get the idea. So how about it, followers, would there be interest in an ebook written by yours truly?

Really sorry I haven’t posted

Things have been so busy here in the past few months. We moved, and well, it’s been busy. Consequently I haven’t even touched my decks in a while.

I’m thinking about getting back into regular posting, and I apologize to all my twitter followers who joined and then I slacked off. Real life gets in the way sometimes, my friends.

My life is good right now

C. from Wisconsin says her life (job, love, etc) is good right now. She just wants to know if it will continue.

The Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche was selected for this reading. It’s a modern deck with some delightful themes that look early 20th-century.

The first card I drew for this three-card reading is The Sun. It shows a child with the sun and a mountain in the background, flanked by plants. This is a good card, it talks about happiness and good energies. Everyone looks to the sun for the source of life and warmth. Even the moon is nothing without the sun’s light. The child represents newness and freshness, youth.

This represents her past, so it’s saying that her past has been good and full of light. It could be referring to C’s children, or her own youth.

The second card I’ve drawn for C. in Wisconsin is the Three of Pentacles. This card shows three men working with masonry. This card is about teamwork, collaboration, the importance of working together. It’s about asking someone for help in accomplishing your goals. This card is saying that C’s relationship with her coworkers is important in her job. She should make sure she doesn’t sacrifice those relationships, and not to try to do things on her own too much.

Planning and management are very important to success with the Three. As you can see from the picture, the masons may be building a church or cathedral, a task that requires a lot of cooperation by many people. This card could be talking about spirituality as much as it could be about work. It’s saying you can get the assistance of others in progressing in your internal pursuits.

Geeks are well acquainted with the Three. We cooperate or work with others all the time. Even when we work in an isolated environment, geeks use tools made by others, or sometimes we contact people remotely to work with us.

C’s final card is her future. For this one I’ve drawn The Lovers. Losche’s version of this classic card has a couple kissing. A yin-yang symbol is over them, and a pair of lovebirds snuggle on a branch.

This card tells us that C’s romantic situation will continue, and in fact will deepen in its nature. It’s no secret that The Lovers is considered a good card in the Tarot. But since C has already indicated happiness in this area, since the card appears I believe that means extra emphasis is in order.

Normally I do three-card readings as a simple past-present-future reading. But taken together: The Sun; The Three of Pentacles; The Lovers. I can’t help but think that it represents a relationship that may be someone she knows from work, or met through work, possibly someone who has children.

Anyway, I hope today’s 11/11/11 reading has been entertaining for all, and helpful for C. from Wisconsin.

Publishing a Tarot Deck

Purely out of curiousity (I am no artist) I’ve been reading a lot lately about how to make your own Tarot deck, whether it’s a DIY project or published. I’ve found many articles on Google about the subject, and one thing that intrigues me is the financial issues many of these self-publishers have.

There may be a way to overcome the financial commitment of self-publishing a Tarot deck. Through the site, you could create a summary of your project with images or a video and people would donate toward it. People with Kickstarter projects promise something to the people who commit, such as an autographed copy of whatever the item is. It’s really quite an interesting concept.

For example, artist Misty Benson, who is creating the “Morbidly Adorable Tarot”, attempted to raise some $15,000 with her kickstarter project. Unfortunately she didn’t raise the amount she was seeking (falling short by more than half) but she raised an impressive amount.

Whether you’re an illustrator trying to break into the field or a reader wanting to make that perfect deck, making a Tarot deck is a daunting prospect. There are many resources online that can help you. You can even buy blank tarot cards from that will let you print your cards from your printer or simply draw on the cards freehand.

Will my month go smoothly?

C. from California writes “Will my month go smoothly or chaotically and horribly?”

For this reading we’re using Kay Steventon’s Spiral Tarot. I’m doing a three card reading today. I like three card readings because it’s simple. You don’t have to worry about this card meaning this or that, or on a Tuesday if it’s a full moon. Anyway, this three card reading is a simple past – present – future reading.

My first card drawn is the Ten of Swords. The Ten represents chaos. The card shows a man in agony with ten swords thrust through his bleeding wounds. This card shows C’s past, chaotic and out of control. Under attack from many sides.

For a geek, this chaos could present itself in the form of computer problems, or simply issues relating to incomplete projects or associates that conflict. Of course like anyone else, this chaos could be domestic, such as family issues or money troubles.

The second card I’ve drawn, representing C’s present, is the Two of Cups. Steventon has a couple toasting each other, with the yin-yang symbol in the background. This card is about duality, about someone supporting someone else emotionally.

This card is talking about a relationship C has, and that this relationship will help her get through the chaos in her life. It may not necessarily be a lover, it could be representing a friend or family member. As you might expect, the two of cups is a good card to get in a reading.

Even geeks have relationships, so this is always a good card to get in a reading. It represents balance, support, assistance from loved ones. How can it go wrong?

Our third card drawn for C. is the Nine of Wands. The Spiral Tarot’s version has a man in a top hat and suit protecting nine staffs, sprouting leaves.

The nine speaks of perseverance, success, determination. The man in the nine is determined to protect the wands he is charged with.

This card says that with caution and stamina, C. will persevere through the chaos in her life. She shouldn’t let things overwhelm her. The wands (as seen held by the man on the card) can be used for support, but don’t let them be a crutch.

In summary, you have a chaotic life, C., but with the help of loved ones in your life you will get through the coming month. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. With a little determination, you’ll find that before you know it the month will be over.

Cosmic Tarot – Princess of Pentacles

Most traditional decks list this card as the Page of Pentacles. But in the Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche and many other modern decks, it’s the Princess of Pentacles. As you can see from the illustration, Losche’s version has an image of a noble woman wearing a ribbon and flowers in her hair. She wears a single pentacle pinned to her dress, and a flower over her heart.

The page, or princess, is traditionally about an innocent, feminine young person on the verge of stepping into the world. It can be about a student, or learning in general. The princess is also focused on her parents, so it can also refer to a caregiver.

The card can also refer to agriculture, and indeed Losche’s version has wheat over the shoulder of the princess. Many versions of this card also have mountains, which you can see in the background. Mountains symbolize endurance, challenge, triumph.

If this card is in your reading, it could mean that education is in your future, or it could be that a student will be in your life. I just saw a segment on TV about teenagers with rare forms of cancer. Roger Daltry (The Who) is helping found a center for treating teens with cancer. Doctors can be thought of as geeks, the Princess of Pentacles is a perfect example of this. So maybe while the Princess can talk about caregivers, perhaps the Princess is the one in need.

The Tarot is a deep and varied subject that is open to many interpretations. To look at it from a geek’s point of view is really not much different from any other. There’s a little geek in everyone, really.

Darn that Google+

Well, Google+ is apparently serious about their names policy, because they aren’t letting me push my Dork Tarot site as “Dork Tarot”. Sorry to all the people that followed me on my now suspended Google+!

So with my twitter still down as well, that leaves me with my Facebook page. Hey if anyone wants to promote my articles on Twitter or Google+, please be my guest!

While apparently you can’t create a regular profile on Google+ as a fake name, as of today (yes, you read that right) Google+ has launched pages for businesses. So I have re-launched my Google+ as a page. I hope it doesn’t get suspended again!

Cosmic Tarot – Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles in the Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche depicts a young man balancing on a shape that forms an infinity symbol. In the background is a single-sailed ship with a Yin-Yang on its sail. On one side of the man is a snake, on the other, a garden. The man is wearing a shirt that has two pentacles on it.

The two of pentacles is about balance. The ship is an obvious symbol of travel, but they yin-yang on the sail shows us that this is an inner journey, one of the subconscious.

The card is talking about balancing aspects of our life as we progress on our path. Many people interpret the pentacles suit as being about earthy things. Money, or basic requirements of living, such as home and shelter.

You need to strike an inner balance
that is harmonious…

Keeping that in mind, from a geek’s perspective it is a good interpretation to say this card is saying to be self-aware of your surroundings at home. Perhaps your work is pulling you away too much, and you need to strike an inner balance that is harmonious. If you have this card in your reading, it’s time to take a good long look at what your priorities are. Perhaps you spend too much time at work, and not enough time doing things you enjoy. Or in the other extreme, perhaps your home life is more demanding than expected, and you need a balance another direction. Regardless, the two reminds us that balance is important and we must focus on cutting back on what weighs heavily on our shoulders and putting more emphasis on what we’re ignoring.

Today I encourage us all, geek or not, to look at your life and see what is out of balance. What can you do to remedy that? Meditate on what you can do to get the elements of your life back on balance.